Simple Strategies to Keep Pests Out of Your Yard

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When a pest infestation happens, it commonly starts in the yard before moving into the house. So, if you want to keep your home free of creepy, crawly critters, then you need to take a proactive approach to keeping them out of your yard.

Certain seasons can bring different types of pests. The climate change creates an environment where certain insects and rodents thrive; then the weather changes could drive them into your home. These are the yard care techniques that you should be using to prevent infestations around your property:

Keep the Trash Cans CoveredKeep Pests Out of Your Yard

Rodents and bugs are attracted to garbage cans because of the food and water sources that are available in the cans. Make sure to keep the lid secured tightly on the can, and move the cans away from your home. It is common for garbage to attract opossums, raccoons, roaches, and ants. But, these pests are easily avoided if you are proactive with garbage care.

Put Away the Pet Food

Are you feeding your pet and the neighborhood pests at the same time? If you leave the pet food bowl full overnight, then it could bring in any number of pests that you don’t want. It doesn’t matter if the feeding location is indoors or outdoors… let your pet eat, and then clear out the bowl before going to bed.

Clean Up Debris

Do you have leaves, woodpiles, fallen fruit, or other organic matter laying around the yard? These areas are great locations for nests and food sources. Clean up the yard and get rid of unnecessary items that might be piled around the house. If you have a wood pile, then you should consider moving it away from the home since wood can attract termites, rodents, and spiders.

Manage the Watering Schedule

If you are overwatering the yard, then it could potentially draw in pests that love the moist environment. As a result, bigger pests come because they can feed on the smaller insects. It isn’t as hot outside right now compared to summer, so slow down your watering schedule.

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