How to Keep the Pests Out of Your Christmas Tree

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It is a fun Christmas tradition to set up a tree with lights and ornaments. But, did you know that a Christmas tree can attract pests into your home? It is important that you are proactive to keep your home protected this holiday season.

Bringing Pests Home on a Real Christmas TreeKeep Pests Out of the Christmas Tree

One of the most common types of pest infestation is when a homeowner brings in a live tree that has hitchhikers: insects or rodents. The tree has been outside, so it is natural for these small pests to make their homes in the branches or crevices of the tree. Be selective about the source where you buy the tree to avoid bringing these pests into your home.

Within the first day or two of having the tree in the house, it is important to keep an eye on the tree area to see any potential signs of pests. If you notice insects flying around or rodent droppings, then you should consider the benefits of calling a pest control expert for help.

Pests in Fake Christmas Trees

Even if you are using a fake Christmas tree, there is still a possibility that pests might build their next in the tree. The branches of a fake tree make a perfect hiding place for small rodents and insects. If the tree was stored in the garage or a storage shed, then it is possible that the pests could be picked up outside and brought in when the tree is setup.

To prevent this type of nesting in your fake Christmas tree, it is best to keep the tree stored in a tight box or sealed with plastic. Also, look through the other holiday bins to be sure that they aren’t storing extra critters that you don’t want in your home.

Call a Pest Control Expert

When an infestation is identified, some homeowners attempt a do-it-yourself approach to see if they can get rid of the pests on their own. But, the fastest and most effective way to eliminate the problem is by calling a pest control expert.

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