How to Eliminate a Flea Infestation in Your Home

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It is often assumed that a flea infestation only happens if you have household pets. While it is common for cats and dogs to carry fleas, these animals aren’t the only way that a flea problem can start. If you suspect that you have fleas in your home, then it is essential that you take action right away to eliminate the problem before it gets worse.How to Eliminate Flea Infestation

How to Identify Fleas

These small pests feed on warm-blooded animals. Often, they are carried by small mammals, and they can be passed onto humans who are nearby. Fleas love humid, warm environments, which is why these types of infestations can happen in southern California.

One of the biggest indications that you are dealing with a flea problem is that the bugs are jumping. Even though they are only 1/12 – 1/6 of an inch in size, these bugs can jump as high as 16 inches in any direction.

If you see a small jumping bug, look closely at the appearance. Most fleas have a dark color and a narrow body. Symptoms of a flea infestation include pets that are frequently scratching or skin irritation on humans because of the bites.

Get Rid of the Fleas

An active infestation of fleas can be difficult to control without talking to a professional pest control expert. Even if you think that you’ve eliminated the problem, it is likely that there are still eggs and larvae in the area. In fact, it is estimated that the visible, jumping fleas in your home only make up about 5% of the population.

Most of the flea population can be found in areas that are hard to reach, such as crevices, cracks, fabric fibers, and underneath furniture. It is important that you thoroughly sweep, vacuum, and dust the surface areas of your home. You can also use a liquid insecticide, although you need to remove pets from the area before application.

The safest solution is to hire a pest control expert to help. Call our team at Mathews Termite & Pest Service for more information about all types of pest control and infestation elimination: (951) 751-0885

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