How Do Mice Get Into Your Home?

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Even if you proactively work to maintain a clean and comfortable home environment, it is still possible for mice to get into the property. Whether you have seen a mouse or you find evidence such as droppings, it is essential that you call a pest control expert right away.

Two Steps to Eliminate MiceHow Do Mice Get into Your Home

When a pest control company comes to your home, they will suggest two steps that need to be followed. First, it is necessary to get rid of the rodents that are present. Then, you need to proactively seal your home and get rid of populations nearby to prevent them from coming inside again.

It is essential that you focus on both of these steps to protect your home in the future. If one mouse got in, then there is an entry point that needs to be sealed so that other rodents don’t come through the same area.

Nearby Mice can Infest Your Home

One of the most common reasons that mice will move into your home is because they came from a population near your home. Often, these pests have a population center where the rodents grow and reproduce. As the offspring grows up, they will start looking for their own nesting places, which could be located in your home.

Typically, they will move in through open doors or screens. Even small cracks or gaps can provide an entry point for the mice. These rodents can squeeze through small areas, so you need to be sure that you are proactively sealing the windows and doors to avoid infestation.

If a mouse finds a way in and out of the house, then the track is marked with a pheromone that leads other mice to the same area. These rodents might begin to gnaw or chew the entrance to make it bigger so that more of the population can move through. Over time, they will find additional entry points that allow the infestation to expand.

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