4 Easy Steps to Prevent Termites in Your Home

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Termites are not only annoying, but they can also cause a great deal of damage to your home. As a homeowner, it is important that you are proactive to avoid a situation that might attract the termites inside. Here are a few tips that will reduce the likelihood of a termite infestation on your property:

1. Manage the Outside Environment

If you don’t want termites in your home, then you need to reduce the areas that might attract them to the yard. Get rid of old stumps, branches, fallen trees, and wood piles. These things are magnets for termites, and the infestation will eventually work from the yard into your home. Be proactive with the landscaping to keep your yard clear and clean.

2. Setup Barriers

Even though termites can burrow through wood, they can’t make their way through other materials. You can create barriers to keep the insects out and reduce the access to the perimeter of your home. Talk to a pest control expert, and you might receive recommendations for stainless steel mesh, plastic, or piping laid around the outer perimeter of the building.

Another type of barrier might be a natural addition to your home, such as a concrete foundation for the deck. Look for ways that you can add concrete finishes or décor to block the natural access points into your home.

3. Limit Water Access

All pests, both insects and rodents, need access to both food and water. If the area is damp or wet, then it is the perfect environment for termites to survive. Cut off the water source and keep the wood dry to limit the chances of a termite infestation. Look near pipes, under the sinks, and around the air conditioner to see if there are any leaks that might be providing a water source.

4. Talk to a Pest Control Professional

The most effective way to reduce the likelihood of a termite infestation is to talk to a pest control professional. This advice will help you identify potential problems on your property so that you can avoid the issues that commonly bring these pests into your home.

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